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Our Story

The Indiana Dental Hygienists' Association was founded in 1946 out of a pure passion for the profession of dental hygiene. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing association that all of us can be proud to be a part of.


  • Develop and maintain initiatives to support and mentor dental hygienists and students.

  • Provide networking opportunities for professional growth.

  • Advocate for the profession and expand legislative endeavors.

  • Promote full utilization and scope of practice for dental hygienists in all practice settings.

  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to advance oral health in Indiana.

To learn more about us, don’t hesitate to reach out - we would love to hear from you!


IDHA Past Presidents
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality"
- Warren Bennis

Leonora Schrichte (d) 1947-51

Vivian Frumm (d) 1951-52

Betty Fink Ervin (d) 1952-53

Sylvia Heckenstaffer 1952-54

Wilma Hook Savage (d) 1954-55

Ann Ackerman Glass 1955-56

Lillian Dahl Werhle (d) 1956-57

Joan Kline Yoder 1957-58

Juanita Schisler (d) 1958-60

Donna Dodd (d) 1960-61

Priscella Robards 1961-62

Jaclyn Gray 1962-63

Sylvia Mills 1963-65

Betty Jo Knafel 1965-66

Marlene Christmas 1966-67

Connie Hamilton 1967-68

Karen Yoder 1968-69

Margaret Hunt (d) 1969-70

Carmine McDonald-Griffis 1970-71

Ann Mann 1971-72

Pat Wade Carpenter 1972-73

Suzanne Boundy 1973-74

Donna Pownell 1974-75

Kay Raag 1975-76

Anita Weaver Bond 1976-77

Pauline Phillips 1977-78

Patricia Hefner 1978-79

Beverly Boone Ruebeck 1979-80

Rita Marie Hope 1980-81

Sandra Gordner 1981-82

Beth Fultz Thompson 1982-83

Kathy Hinshaw 1983-84

Barb Gorbitz 1984-85

Kathy Hinshaw 1985-86

Jewell Arthur 1986-87

Kay Oser 1987-88

Nanci Yokom 1988-89

Jan Gettelfinger 1989-90

Laverne Whitmore 1990-92

Gail Williamson 1992-93

Kathy Nahrwold 1993-94

Ingrid Churchill 1994-95

Lynn Ramer (d) 1995-96

Kathy Nahrwold 1996-97

Ronda (Henning) Worden (d) 1997-98

Judy Zink 1998-99

Ronda (Henning) Worden (d) 1999-2000

Paula Russell 2000-01

Lisa Driver 2001-02

Monica Skibbe 2002-03

Becky Alles 2003-05

Amy Lynn Byrd 2005-06

Ashley (Jamison) Recker 2006-07

Karen Wilber 2007-08

Denise Conrad 2008-09

Eileen (Mason) Clodfelder 2009-10

Sandra McIlrath 2010-12

Renee (Anderson) Pryor 2012-13 

Melissa (Spriggs) Rippey 2013-15 

Amanda (Daniels) Apple 2015-16 

Stephanie Cohen 2016-17 

Heather Taylor 2017-19

Sheli Taulbee 2019-21

Lauren McNicholas 2021-22

Kimmy Rezutko 2022-2023

Lauren McNicholas 2023

Hadeel Ayoub 2023-present

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