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Do I have to belong to the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) if I want to belong to IDHA?

  • Yes. When you join IDHA, you also become a member of the ADHA.

How long is my license good for?

  • Two years. Licenses need to be renewed by March 1 of even-numbered years.

How much is it to renew my dental hygiene license?

  • $50

What is the CE requirement for each licensing period?

IC 25-13-2-6 Dental hygienist continuing education requirements

     Sec. 6. (a) A dental hygienist must complete at least nineteen (19) credit hours in continuing education courses each license period.

     (b) Credit hours may be applied under this section only toward the credit hour requirement for the license period during which the credit hours are earned.

     (c) During a license period, a dental hygienist may not earn more than five (5) credit hours toward the requirements under this section for continuing education courses that relate specifically to the area of practice management.

     (d) During a license period, at least half of the required minimum credit hours must be earned through live presentations or live workshops.

As added by P.L.185-1991, SEC.5. Amended by P.L.179-1996, SEC.2; P.L.105-2008, SEC.28; P.L.103-2011, SEC.9; P.L.155-2016, SEC.4; P.L.35-2020, SEC.6.

Dental Hygienists are also required to complete a basic life support course and a two (2) hour course which covers Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Indiana Statutes and Administrative Rules per renewal period.  Dental Hygienist's licenses expire on March 1st of even numbered years.


For more information on CE requirements visit: PLA: Dentistry Licensing Information

NOTE: Penalties for Non-Compliance With Continuing Education Requirements: If a dental hygienist is not in compliance with the continuing education requirements, pursuant to Ind. Code 25-1-4-5(b)(2)(A) the board may impose a civil penalty, not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). If the board determines that a practitioner has knowingly or intentionally made a false or misleading statement to the board concerning compliance with the continuing education audit requirements, the board may impose a civil penalty of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) under Ind. Code 25-1-4-5(b)(2)(A).

What is required to administer nitrous oxide by a dental hygienist in Indiana?


Where can I go to learn more about the most current version of the Indiana statutes and administrative rules?





How do I change my name on my license in Indiana? Ex. marriage, divorce

How do I obtain a license to practice in Indiana?

Please contact:

Indiana State Board of Dentistry

Professional Licensing Agency

402 West Washington St., Room W072

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Phone: (317) 234-2054


IPLA: Dentistry Licensing Information

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