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2015 IDHA's Professional Development Day and

House of Delegates 

May 15-16. 2015

Convention Center, Downtown Indianapolis

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On Wednesday, March 25, the Senate Health & Provider Services Committee unanimously passed (8-0) HB 1282 after hearing testimony from Steve Beebe and IDA lobbyist Ed Popcheff. Popcheff commented that HB 1061 (last year's legislation that created prescriptive supervision) which became law in July of 2014 and has been both safe and popular.

HB 1282 was introduced to clarify some of the provisions of HB 1061, most notably the use of lasers by hygienists. HB 1061 prohibited hygienists from using all lasers. Language in HB 1282 will allow hygienists to utilize lasers except to cut, ablate or cauterize hard or soft tissue.

HB 1282 will be eligible for 2nd and 3rd reading in the Senate next week. 2nd reading is an opportunity for any Senator to offer an amendment to the bill but none are anticipated at this time.  3rd reading is the final passage vote and if successful, HB 1282 will be sent to Governor Pence for his signature.

Unless something completely unforeseen occurs, HB 1282 will easily pass the Senate. But it can't hurt if hygienists email their state senator (not state representative - that was earlier in the legislative session) and ask them to vote "yes" on HB 1282.


Melissa Spriggs, LDH, BGS

IDHA President




Power Point Presentation: HB 1061Presentation.Feb 2015.pdf

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IDHA Strategic Plan

Core Ideology

Lead the transformation of the dental hygiene profession to improve the public's oral and overall health.

Vision Statement

Dental hygienists are integrated into the healthcare delivery system as essential primary care providers to expand access to oral health care.

Lifelong Learning

IDHA 2014-2019 Goals

1.     Advocacy- The profession of dental hygiene will advance at the state and local level.

2.     Alliances- IDHA is better positioning the profession to be viewed as an integrated part of the healthcare system through strategic partnerships.

3.     Education- Dental hygiene professionals will be prepared for the evolving scope of professional practice and settings.

IDHA 2014-2019 Objectives


1.     Maximize the ability of dental hygienists to take advantage of opportunities in more integrated health systems

2.     Maximize relationships with local and state community representatives

3.     Advocate legislative activities that support IDHA's mission

4.     Raise public awareness of the Indiana dental hygiene profession


1.     Increase strategic partnerships

2.     Strengthen and expand relationships with educators


1.     Expand professional development opportunities for lifelong learners

2.     Build stakeholder knowledge of the profession


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To improve the public’s health, the mission of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association is to advance
the art and science of dental hygiene by ensuring access to quality oral health care, increasing awareness of the cost-effective benefits of prevention, promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education,
licensure, practice and research, and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygienists.

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